Custom Art

Any design is possible, using Anthony's latest techniques the only limit to what sort of etched, colored, illuminated glass you want is your imagination!

LED Illumination

The LED Illuminated glass sculptures light up and glow at the flip of a switch for night time viewing adding ambiance to any room in the house instantly!

Years of Experience

Anthony has been at this business since 1978, thats over 37 years of experience perfecting the craft to bring you the highest quality etched glass around!

Previous Work

Click on the photos below for beautiful slide shows!


Glass enclosed showers provide a modern and elegant look to any bathroom and can be built specifically to your bathroom. Add a unique etched design with color to really make your bathroom stand out!

Etched partial enclosures can give a decorative theme that the bathroom can be centered around. Any style imaginable can be designed for you.


Glass counter tops are an elegant way to bring new life into your kitchen. Replace outdated styles with a new beautiful and easy to clean glass top.

Entertain house guests at a home bar, Anthony's glass bar tops are modern and clean way to furnish an extra room in the house.


Custom etched front doors add a unique touch to any home and can be designed to suit any style of house with colored or uncolored glass. Set your house apart from the neighborhood with a one off design!

Saloon style custom doors are a great addition to any home. Spice up any cabinet door with etching and color! Call today for a custom door design consultation!

Room Dividers

Complex designs such as this are all within the realm of possibility transforming what would just be a room divider into a work of art.

LED illuminated glass will make your custom artwork pop at night while at the same time providing a low light glow giving visibility to dark rooms.


Looking for something unique? Anthony can create that special piece of artwork for you. His incredible designs will add unbelievable beauty your home or office.

One-off wall art pieces for your business makes communal areas a more interesting environment for future clients waiting to be serviced.